What is Obarun?

Obarun is a complete graphical environment under Openbox that comes equipped with some basic tools like an image viewer, a text editor..., and diverse others programs.

The project was started due to the difficulties of maintaining a stable system with Systemd. Yes, Obarun doesn't use Systemd!. Systemd is completly replaced by Runit. Futhermore, the init system started during boot has been reorganized for Obarun. That is to say, it is inspired by void-runit, ignite, and runit-for-lfs.

The goal of Obarun is to provide an alternative for people looking for more simplicity and transparency in maintaining their systems. Obarun is not designed with beginners to Linux in mind, but it can be used easily with some basic knowledge. Obarun is completely configured to start and run without intervention.
You just need to burn the iso on USB stick or you can use it under Virtualbox.

On other note, Obarun is neither a distributionof its own, is nor is it pure Archlinux, is a Build Concept. Obarun is based on Archlinux, but incorporates several changes.
Obarun is only available on x86_64 architecture.

Let's take a look at statistics :

At first boot :

under console : 90M of used RAM
under X server : between 150-170M of used RAM

In operating :

under console : 90-98M of used RAM
under X server : 170-200M of used RAM
under two tty available and 2vt : 250-270M of used RAM (2vt under complete graphical environment)

Obviously these values can change while the system is in use, with services started, kernel modules loaded and applications running.

Hopefully Obarun will give people the option of choice : of a system which will not tolerate any incursion of Systemd, and which stays simpler, more stable, more transparent, more open, and closer to the philosophy of Linux.

Thanks very much for your interest.